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La Restinga

Our accommodation is located in the small village of La Restinga on El Hierro island. This is a place where time flows slowly, allowing you to completely relax. It is a heavenly place for those who want to rest from busy cities and plunge into the atmosphere of home cosiness, eco beaches, fishing and enjoy unique volcanic nature of the island that has been strictly preserved (especially from 2000 when El Hierro was designated a status of Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO) by the local people.



There are 2 supermarkets in La Restinga, where you can buy some food and etc. They work from around 9am till 8pm and note, that there is a siesta break from 1pm to 4 pm.


Calle el Rancho, Nº4


Calle el Rancho, Nº15


If you take a walk around La Restinga, we would suggest you to take a look at el Vivero (translated as 'nursery') that is basically a small cave near the hotel that houses in its backgrounds a wide range of species such as anemones, abbots, groupers, spiny drums and etc. 

Walking along the pier, you will see a monument

Most southern point of Europe.

Just to the left from the hotel, there is a black sand eco beach to which the iconic blue flag is assigned.

On the promenade of La Restinga you will see a monument to el mero Pancho - a grouper who, according to the oldest of the place, reached 40 years of age and then died in 2019. Pancho used to be a favourite model for numerous divers who came to La Restinga and he still remains a symbol of ecology of the island.

If you walk further and get to the western end of the village, you will find spectacular lava slopes covering the shore of the island. Be careful and be sure to wear athletic shoes if you decide to take a walk there.


Restaurants & bars

There is quite a number of restaurants in La Restinga. Mainly, they are situated along the promenade, but some are hidden in the village lanes. Almost half of them are seafood specialised. However, you can find one pizzeria and places that serve dishes from products of local farmers. Also, there are several bars that you can visit in the evening.


Useful information

One of the most interesting activity on El Hierro is diving. There are more than 10 diving centres on El Hierro (almost all of them are situated in La Restinga). Take a chance and try it yourself as what you'll see is amazing untouched underwater life and fascinating marine landscapes well seen because of crystal clear waters of the island. Learn about diving...

If you need some more info about La Restinga/El Hierro, visit Information centre (Calle el Carmen, Nº4).

To learn about buses&taxis, read this article or visit

Police:            +34 922 55 59 91 (Frontera)

Pharmacy:       Avenue Maritima (La Restinga)

                             +34 922 558 301 (El Pinar)

Petrol stations: Travesía del Pinar, 29 (El Pinar)

                            Carretera General Tigaday (Frontera)

                            Calle de la Constitución, 22 (Valverde)

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