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The island of El Hierro is divided into 3 municipalities with their centres in villages of Valverde, La Frontera, El Pinar. El Cabildo - local administrative centre - is situated in Valverde which houses at least one third of total population of the island. Apart from centres of provinces, there is also a village La Restinga that attracts tourists because of numerous diving clubs there.


It is quite interesting, how different symbols of the island are presented on coats of arms of different provinces. La Sabina, Farro de Orchilla, Giant Lizard on La Frontera coat of arms. Pine cone, El Julan petroglyphs, Farro de Orchila (it is on the border of two provinces) for El Pinar. Garoe tree for Valverde.


Flag of El Hierro




Valverde is situated in the north east of the island. It is an administrative, religious and social centre of El Hierro that was established in the end of 15th century on a mountain about 500 metres above the sea level.

The name of the town is translated as "green village". Interestingly, it is the only Canary Islands capital that is not on the coast.


La Frontera

La Frontera is a centre of the second most populous municipality of the island. While there is probably not much to see in the town of La Frontera, there are beaches, forest and Pozo de la Salud waiting for you to visit nearby. In the village itself the most interesting thing is, probably, church of Virgen de Candelaria with a bell tower and a garden. 

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The town is formed by two-floor houses, gardens and small streets. Despite being the capital, it is as calm as the rest of the island. Unfortunately, much of the town’s original Canarian architecture was damaged during a fire in 1899. Nevertheless, there is a charming city hall building that has remained so far.

If you want to go shopping, there is a central street called La Calle, where you’ll find banks, clothing shops, souvenir shops and etc. 

El Pinar

El Pinar is called so because of of the large pine forests nearby. It’s a town where the island’s traditional way of life with it’s agriculture, farming and craft still continues.

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The main attraction of the town is it’s church Santa María de la Concepción.

It was built in the 18th century and inside there is a Cristo de la Columna, a Genoese sculpture that all herreños are proud of.

Note! Valverde is the last point of the procession during the festival of Virgen de los Reyes.

La Restinga

La Restinga is a small fishing village and port of El Hierro. For tourists it is mainly known because of numerous diving clubs. But, even though you're not a diver you can stay there and enjoy your time. There is a local eco-beach protected from the waves by the breakwater, fishing port, several bars and restaurants. Click to read more.

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