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El Hierro is an island that is known 

for its tranquility and nature. Therefore, no wonder, that all activities here are related  to the nature. 

The most known activity of the island is certainly a diving. Thanks to Marine Reserve. If you do not fancy diving, you can simply swim in natural swimming pools or go fishing.

If you prefer to stay at the land, do not forget that El Hierro is also a rocky volcanic island and there are lots of hiking trails across mountains for those who enjoy walking. Another sport that gained its popularity on the island because of the hilly nature is cycling. Every 

For those who are more curious, we would highly recommend going on a boat trip and see beauty of the Orchilla lighthouse in the rays of the setting sun.



El Hierro is an island with untouched nature and amazing landscapes. Trekking is one of the most popular activities here. 

For the lovers of trekking there are many routs of various difficulty around the island. The only thing they have in common is the unforgettable memories that you will get on each of them.

Interesting and not difficult routs:

Camino de la Virgen – The path of the Virgin Mary

This rout passes through the territory of Parque Rural de Frontera and nature reserve Paisaje Protegido de Ventejis. The elevation difference on the rout is 1501 meter - in fact, you go up from the coastal area to the highest point of the island, Malpaso peak. The route takes about 12 hours.

El Pinar – La Dehesa

It is a medium-difficulty rout that passes through the territory of Parque Rural de Frontera. The travel time is 6.5 hours. On this rout, the tourists can explore the traditions and lifestyle of the bimbaches (bimbapes) – the native inhabitants of the El Hierro Island. 

La Restinga – Pozo de la Salud

It is possible to go through the whole rout at once or divide it into several stages: first going to El Pinar village, then to Sabinosa village and finally to Poso de la Salud. 

The elevation difference on the rout is 1100 м. The travel time is 9,5 ч (the way back takes one hour more).The rout passes through the territory of Parque Rural de Frontera and Mencafete Nature Reserve (Reserva Natural Integral de Mencafete). Ла Рестинга is a fishing port in the south of the island. There everyone can try Canarian fish specialties. The route runs past dormant volcanoes, and tourists can see the traces of eruptions that happened centuries ago.

El Pinar – El Golfo

The rout starts at Taibique and ends at Tigaday, which is located in El Golfo Valley, where everyone can get acquainted with the features of the art of Canary winemaking. As the grapes, from which the locals make the best wines in the Canary archipelago, grow particularly in this area. The elevation difference on the rout is 1148 м. Approximate travel time is 3.5 hours.

Experienced trackers will find interesting to go through these routs: 

Tinor – Puerto de la Estaca – Tinor

Tourists will go down to the seashore, and then back up to a height of 940 m. The total length of the route is 13 km.


Valverde – Puerto de Estaca – Valverde 

The starting point is the capital of El Hierro - Valverde. The rout is looped, so the tourists will return to the same place where they have started their journey. . The elevation difference on the rout is 649 м, and the length is 7.5 km.

All these routes are not very long, and it’s possible to get the information about their complexity at the hotel or from local guides.

All the routs are built in a way so the tourists, who have chosen them, will be able to visit the most interesting villages, museums and lookout points of El Hierro without missing out anything the islands is good for.  


The first paraglider appeared on the island 15 years ago.

Since them paragliders has changed, and paragliding itself has grown up as a sport.  However, the island stays peaceful and quite, just like in old days, according to the opinions of pilots, who come here loving this place for its stability. The ocean still roars below, with the majestic mountains behind and bright blue sky above the head.

There are no clubs here, no sports associations that make money on courses, escort and selling the equipment. There is a group of local pilots, who meet together after work on some launch pad, fly, then land right by the bar and socialize over a glass of cold beer. They are happy to welcome everyone into the group and are ready to tell and show what they know themselves. 

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